Package Ideas

List of things Josh would love to receive in a care package

Note:  Missionaries love it when they get things for both themselves AND their companion.
           So far it's been taking about 6 weeks for packages to get to Josh

Favorite treats that he can’t really spend his budgeted money on:
            Snickers, 100Grand’s (Chocolate may melt, but can be refrigerated after he receives it)
            Skittles, Microwave Popcorn, Jack Links Beef Jerky  
            (He also loves PopTarts & Oreos – but pack them so they don’t break so much)
Things he may like to see from his Ward Family and Friends
            Pictures, Letters, Testimonies

Other Ideas:
            Stationary/envelopes, post-it notes, highlighters, pens
            Small book to write down thoughts, etc
            Christmas lights or other decorations for Christmas
            Tide-To-Go Bleach Pen for white shirt stains
            Warm stuff in colder months - May, June, July, August, September